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The Dost Quartet is made up of Shaykh Kabir Heminlsky and his wife Camille. Kabir Edmund Helminski and Camille Helminski, founders and directors of the Threshold Society, have been working within the Mevlevi tradition of Sufism for about twenty years. Kabir is the author/translator of three books of Sufi poetry, and Kabir and Camille have collaborated on two collections, Rumi: Daylight and Jewels of Remembrance, 365 Selections from the Wisdom of Rumi. Kabir's Living Presence, A Sufi Way to Mindfulness and the Essential Self, was published in 1992 by Jeremy Tarcher/Putnam Publishing Group. His new collection of essays, The Knowing Heart, was published by Shambhala in August 1999.

In addition to her work with Kabir, Camille has also collaborated with Refik Algan on a translation of Ahmet Hilmi's classic, Awakened Dreams. She is currently at work on a book on women in Sufism.

Kabir and Camille are closely associated with Sufi teachers from other tariqats in Turkey and Syria, all of whom are committed to integrating the classical methods with modern needs.

The main objectives of the Treshold Society are:

to promote the truth of Divine love and knowledge through direct, personal experience,
to express and share the essential principles of spiritual development,
to recognize and develop a true partnership of man and woman,
to recognize the unity and interdependence of all human beings and all life,
to aid in the practical realization of living in harmony with our fellow beings and the natural world.

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At 10:23pm on January 8, 2010, Julianna Smith said…
Thank you for offering what I believe is the only female voice on this website. We have a long way to go to full equality!

Salaam and Hoda Hafez
At 8:33pm on June 29, 2009, salmah ismail said…
Assalamualaikum, are u today, hope all is fine and good,.alhamdulillah,..
all the songs are very good and nice to hear by the heart who love only for ALLAH subhanauwata'ala. May ALLAH fill barakah in our life and ful-fill all our dreams and prayer, ameen,ameen,ameen,YA ALLAH.
take care,
At 8:15pm on May 26, 2009, salinagreen said…
Islam, the perfect religion in the world, r u a believer too ? yes,i am .
I, It is a recently popular site for all of our kind Musliam brothers
and sisters to conversate islam. free.
II, r u single? surely, We have everything you need to know about
single, just free. u can find the special person in ur life...
III, welcome to join us at~~"
At 6:44am on March 31, 2009, Muhakeem U Abdullah said…
Join the Group here at Alif Music called Nasheeds Pool 1 download each movement. Trying to make the group grow to a 100,000 and each week all of us collectively make 1 download each of a particular artist...getting $100,000 in their hands. Join group and place your Downloader in the group and tell as many people as you can about this movement. As Salaamu Alaikum.

Wahdahu La Sharikalahu - Muhammad Usamah Abdullah click to comment

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At 5:32am on March 14, 2009, Isma3l 3bdul Wadud said…

as salamu alaykum
May Allah the Almighty you always quite conductive and to bless all thy ways. A blessed weekend might fall on us all, and all prayers are.
May Allah bless you and your familie for ever and ever
Ismael Abdul Wadud

At 1:32am on March 12, 2009, HUSSEIN NAMOOYA said…
A must watch clip on Gaza
Please log on You Tube
key in ...{RnB Hip Hop song the hell in the Gaza strip }
click on the video and watch,You can also download for free.
Please place a link on your site so that your friends can get on You tube to view this clip.please also rate and place your comment.
Your comment and rating is very important because I want to know what people think about my clip.
Thank you
Jazak Allah Khair
At 9:26am on February 22, 2009, Isma3l 3bdul Wadud said…

As salam alaykum

Greating from Germany
At 3:41pm on July 11, 2008, Leyla Valluli said…

At 8:45am on March 14, 2008, Muhakeem U Abdullah said…
Tell me what you think of this idea to create these groups on and for the purpose of pooling our resources as an Ummah, towards the support of Nasheeds and Dhikr Allah music. If you think is good please join once you as an artist or group of artists have joined then I will invite muslims throughout facebook, myspace, etc to join for this purpose of having this database or pool of people. Then we can promote for a given week some artists to direct our pool of people to make downloads and we can direct them to to make the downloads. And with it being a $1 and change per song…it will not be difficult on the pockets and a high likelihood that more than one artist per week could reason 10s of thousands of downloads, when the group gets to 40,000 and above. So, as a fellow artist I ask that you support this effort, by going to and and joining those groups of mine of ours, insha Allah

The "Islamic Nasheeds and Dhikr to Pool Resources. The $1.00 Movement." Group
( Group

Nasheeds to Pool Resources. The $1.00 Movement ( Group

In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful As Salaamu Alaikum, This is a group for pooling our resources for muslim artists in Nasheeds. The $1.00 movement is about how powerful the collective or large grouping of muslims is. When an artist asks 100,000 muslims to download 1 song, the burden upon each member is light and the help is plentiful. Allah (swt) has said in Surahtul Nisa Ayat 29, "...let there be traffic and trade between you (Muslims) by mutual goodwill..." The economic situation in the US has taken a turn for the worst and the denial of recession is rampant. The world's food supply is in shortage due to high oil prices and bio-fuels...farmable lands being used to grow crops for the purpose of using them for fuel in automobiles. Have these leaders, these countries leading this cause responded to the world's cry and outrage and the depleting of their food supply for this, thus, driving up the cost of bread. Allah has said in Surahtul Anfal that if we do not work together there will be "fitnah" and "fasad kabir" such as you have never seen on earth before. So we have to help each other and help the needy, as well. And I person cannot do that if he cannot put bread on the table even for himself. So this site is for muslim nasheeds artists and enthusiasts of the dhikr of Allah. And see the power of us workiing together, as in 100,000 of us buying a song from an artist that is established or up and coming. May Allah be refuge from the ones that intend to frustrate or molest such a simple effort.

Jazakum Allahu Khayran,





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